Romanized Lyrics

gakkeumeun geureon nari issjanha
yunanhi nega deo bogo sipeun nal
deoneun byeonmyeonghal su eopseo I’m fall in love
Like a fall in love
sigani galsurok iseongeun sarajyeo

*neowa issgoman sipeo
neoreul angoman sipeo
namui siseonjocha amu sanggwan eopsi
jigeum i sungan dulman issneun geoscheoreom

Lalalala (Lalalalala lala)
Lalalala (neowa danduriseoman)
Lalalala Yeah~

jeom wie seoneul geueo igeon neukkimpyo neonjisi nega tteooreujyo
geujeo geureon nal soge gakkeum ireon nareun ohiryeo nae gibuneul johge mandeuljyo
gieoknani uriui ondo neol gamssadeon ttaseuhan nae sondo
ijen chueogiran buseul japgoseoneun hwagado animyeonseo ne eolgureul geurijyo

jigeum neon eotteon gami ojanha
i sungan naega mwol hago sipeunji
deoneun chameul suga eopseo I’m fall in love
rike a fall in love
siganeul jamsi meomchwodugo

* Repeat

ireon naega nado naccseoreo
jakku namjadapji anhge sileopsi useo
jeongsin chariryeogo noryeokhaebwado
gyeolguk ne apeseon modu muneojyeo
geurae nan neoreul saranghae

dareun geon piryo eopseo
neo anin geon da silheo
sesang geu mueosdo banghaehal su eopseo
jigeum i sungan yeogi ojik neowa na Yeah

Lalalala (Lalala la lalalalala)
Lalalala (ojik neoyeoyamanhae)
Lalalala Yeah~

rararara (x3)

English Lyrics

There are days sometimes where
I just miss you even more
I just can’t explain it, I’m fall in love
Like a fall in love
The more that time goes by, the more I lose my head

* I only want to be with you
I only want to hold you
I don’t care about the stares others give me
It’s as if it’s just us two, right now

Lalalala (lalalalala)
Lalalala (just you and I)
Lalalala yeah

I draw a line above a dot like an exclamation point, in secret, I think of you
Sometimes days like this just have me feeling good
Do you remember our temperature? My warm hands that held you?
Now I hold a brush called memories and draw out your face, even though I’m no painter

You’re getting a feeling right now
You know what I want to do right now
I can’t take it anymore, I’m fall in love
Like a boy in love
Let’s stop time for a moment

* Repeat

Even I’m not familiar with myself being like this
I keep being un-manly and keep smiling
I try to snap out of it but
In the end, I break down in front of you
Yeah, I love you

I don’t need anything else
I don’t like anything that’s not you
Nothing in this world can interfere
Right here, right now, it’s only you and me, yeah

Lalalala (lalalalala)
Lalalala (it needs to be only you)
Lalalala yeah

Lalalala (x3)

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